Kimono Amaany


Faraasha butterfly cut

Nidha and Cotton Fabrics

Silk tie system on the sleeves and bottom of the kimono

Opening at the front


Washing 30 degrees

Weight 1K100


Al-Amirah presents you the : the Kimono AMAANY


This collection does not escape the designer’s rule of honor: You confer the modesty, presence and prestige of a princess.

Amaany is a Kimono, Made partly of Nidha fabric but also cotton and silk finishes!

This essential material is recognized for its quality but also for its lightness and therefore makes creations, an ally of every day.

Cotton adds to this Kimono, this sweetness that we like to find in our clothes.

To add a little touch of elegance, the designer added silk on the sleeve edges but also on the links you find on the sleeves.

Small particularity: You will find these same links on the bottom of the kimono. This will allow you to shorten it without hems!

The Kimono is completely open at the front.

Amaany is an essential piece for your occasions but also for everyday life.

Like the previous collections, it will have its perfect place in your wardrobe

Quality legislated clothing is obviously compatible with breastfeeding.

⚠️ kimono sold without the sous abaya


Size Guide | Kimono Amaany:

  • Size 1 (137cm) = from 1m55 to 1m62.
  • Size 2 (144cm) = from 1m63 to 1m69.
  • Size 3 (150cm) = from 1m70 to 1m76.
  • Size 4 (157cm) = from 1m77 to 1m82.
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Weight 1.100 kg

137cm, 144cm, 150cm, 157cm




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