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Terms of sale and use

Effective 01/01/2021

Article 1 : Preamble

The seller is the editor of products and services of ready made clothes only for consumers, marketed by the Website ( ).

The list and description of the products and services proposed by the society can be accessible on the website.

Article 2 : Object and General disposition

The terms and conditions of sales are determined by rights and obligations of the parties in the case of online sale of products proposed by the seller.

The terms and conditions of sales apply to every sale of products made by the website of the society which are part of the contract between the buyer and the seller. The seller can bring modification to the present conditions, at any moment by the publication of a new one on the site. The applicable terms and conditions of sale are the one in current at the date of payment ( or for the first payment in case of multiple payment) of the order. These rules are searchable on the website of the society at the following address:

The society makes sure that the acceptance is clear and undoubtedly by the implementation of a checkbox. This is way, it is necessary for the customers to fully read the terms and conditions of sales and in fact, the

special terms and conditions related to a product or a service and accept them without restriction and reserve.

The customer admitted that he received necessary advice and information to make sure of the adequation between the offer and the needs. The customer stated to be able to contract legally in accordance with the french law or validly represent the physical or legal person for the one he contracted. In opposite proof, the registered informations by the society constitute the proof of all transactions.

Article 3 : Price

The price of products sold by the website are stated in Euros without taxes and precisely determined on descriptive pages of the products. They also state in Euros all taxes included ( TVA and eventually other taxes) on the order page and exclude expedition fees.

For all products sent outside the European Union and/or DOM-TOM, the price is automatically calculated without taxes on the invoice. Customs fees or other local taxes or importation taxes or state taxes can be applied in special cases. These rights and amounts can not be related to the seller. They are on the customer’s cost and responsibility ( statement, payment to the competent authorities, etc..).

The seller invites the customer to do research about this aspect close to the competent authorities. The society reserves the right to change his price. The necessary telecommunications fees are on the customer’s cost, also the delivery fees.

Article 4 : conclusion of the online contract

The customer has to follow specific steps for every product to conclude his order.

However, the previous steps are always systematic : essential features of product ; ➢ choice of the product, if need be of the options and statement of essential information of the client (identification, address..) ➢ acceptance of the actual terms and conditions of sales ➢ verification of the order information and if need be, correction of errors. ➢ follow-up the payment instructions and payment of the products (for every order with delivery, the payment is wanted immediately at the date of the order).

Payment methods accepted are : Credit card- Paypal. (Al Amirah can not be responsible for potentials fees that can be invoicing by the banking establishment) ➢ Delivery of products.

The customer will receive confirmation by email for the payment of the order and an acknowledgement of receipt that confirms the order. The customer will receive confirmation by email for the payment of the order and an acknowledgement of receipt that confirms the order. for the delivered products, the delivery will be done at the state address by the customer. To realise a good transaction and of the order, and in accordance with the article 1316-1 of the Civil Law, the customer has to bring right information for the identification.

The seller reserves the right to refuse the order for every suspect demand, realised with bad faith or for every legitimate reason.

Article 5 : Products and services

the essential features of goods, services and their prices are at the customer disposal on the website of the society. The customer certifies to have received the detail of the delivery fees, on the payment, delivery methods and contract execution.

The seller has the responsibility to honour the customer’s order in limits of stocks of available products only. failing, the seller has to inform the customer. These contractual information are presented in detail and in french. in accordance to the french law, they are made to be a sum-up and a confirmation for a validation. the both parties concluded that none of the illustrations and pictures of the products offered to the sale have no contractual value. The validity period of the offer of the product and their prices are precise on the website of the society. Except for particular conditions, the rights granted hereunder are granted only to the physical person signing the order.

For every product proposed by our website, the customer have seven (7) days open from the date of reception of the order to cancel the sale contract of the sold product when they accept the order. In the hypothesis where the product are already delivered to the customer, he most, without fail, ask the return authorisation in the seven (7) days delay after the delivery and most restitute the products to the seller, Al Amirah.

The customer is responsible for the return transit of Al Amirah product. To return a product, the customer must inform the customer service by mail and send the package at the communicate address. the return fees are at customer’s cost.

For the payment made by Paypal, a refund bundle is fixed as :

  • Order from 10e to 25e : 1,5e
  • Order from 26e to 50e: 2e
  • Order from 51e to 100e : 3e
  • Order from 101e to 150 : 4,5e
  • Order from 151e to 200 : 6e
  • Order up to 200e : 10e

No refund can be done during the annual vacation signaled on the website.

No Exchange will be made.

Article 6 : Title retention clause

The product is still Al Amirah propriety till the complete payment of the order.

Article 7 : terms of delivery

The goods are delivered at the address indicated at the order and on the delay indicated.

Al amirah take the responsibility to send your order within 3 working days.

The packages are generally send by relay point and by La Poste services on Thusday, Thursday and Saturday.

The sending delay can be slightly longer than usual during the reassort period. ( +⅔ days add to your order préparation)

The delivery time depend on the transporter Mondial relay or La Poste.

Almirah decline all responsibilities about the delay on delivery, the loss of the package, if you have misinformed your address or you don’t have retire your package on due time. Also, if the delivery mode selected when you order is not the one we recommended.

Al Amirah decline all responsibilities in case of theft, or loss partial or total of your package after we transmit them to the transporter mandated for the delivery.

Al Amirah cannot be responsible of the consequences due to a delay in the delivery. In case of a long delivery time, the client can contact us by email by the category “contact” to open an investigation with the carrier. No refund or returnd of the products would be done before the end of the investigation. ( 3 weeks or 1 Months)

In case of damage products, the customer have notified immediately to the carrier and Al Amirah when he received the package.

Article 8 : Payment

The payment is wanted immediately at the order. The customer can pay by credit or by Paypal. The credit card domiciled abroad needs to be an international card ( mastercard or visa).

The securised online payment is realised by our payment provider. The given information are encrypted and can not be read during the transaction. When the payment is made by the customer, the transaction is immediately flowing after verification. According to the article L132-2 of the Monetary and financial Code, the engagement of paying by card is irrevocable.

By communicating its information during the sale, the customer authorises the seller to debit his credit card of the amount indicated. The client confirm that he is the legal card owner and can legaly use it. In case of error, impossiblity to debit the card, the sale is immediatly resolve and the order cancelled.

Article 9 : complaints

The customer can presented every complaints by contact the society by contacting by mail or by the contact forms

Article 10 : intellectuals property rights

Tous les éléments du site sont et restent la propriété intellectuelle et exclusive de Al Amirah. Any reproduction, use or exploitation for personal use or anything, without authorisation, of the images, texts, designs appearing on the website are strictly forbidden.

Moreover, any representation partial or total of the models of our brand Al-Amirah is strictly forbidden.

Article 11 : Personal data protection.

In accordance with the I.T and Liberties law of the 6 January 1978, you can dispose of interrogation, access, modification, opposition and rectifications rights on your personal data.

By adhering to the terms and conditions of sale, you agreed that we collected and used this data to realise the sale contract. By entering your address email, on the website, you can receive emails with information and promotional offers about products edited by the Society.

You can unsubscribe at any time. You only have to click one the link present at the end of the mail or contact the data manager (the society) by email address : .

We follow on every website a trace of frequentation.

Article 12 : Applicable law

Every Clause that figure on the present terms and conditions of sale, and every sale and purchase that are written, are submitted to the french law.

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