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Khimar Asmah

Whool peach fabric


Weight 0,340g

Washing 40 degrees


Al-Amirah presents you : the Khimar Asmah

Asmah stands out as a khimar made from top-quality Whool peach fabric. Wearable in all seasons, from hot summer days to cold winter evenings, this khimar is a versatile choice for all occasions.

This remarkably beautiful khimar has an exceptional cut. It features a heart-shaped front opening. It is completed with two laces to hold the two ends firmly together. This ingenious design not only ensures optimum comfort but also guarantees complete coverage. This garment lets you feel comfortable and protected at all times.

This khimar is modest and conservative, in keeping with our ethical values, and meets women’s expectations. This garment is perfect for nursing mothers. It offers easy access and discretion for breastfeeding, without compromising style or comfort.

Aware of the importance of personal choice and the desire for individuality, we are delighted to offer Asmah in a wide range of colours, enabling every woman to find the shade that best reflects her personality and preferences. Available options include sophisticated coffee-beige, vibrant brick, subtle mouse-grey, timeless black, delicate violet-pink and natural olive green. Each of these colours has been carefully selected to enrich your wardrobe with a piece that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, giving you the freedom to express your unique style while staying true to your values.

Size guide | Khimar Asmah:

  • T3 1m65 22€90 (90 cm on the front)
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Weight 0.340 kg



Beige coffee, Black, Brick, Green olive, Mouse grey, Pink purple


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