Abaya Amirah

Bicolour abaya

Faraasha butterfly cut

Fabric Nidha

Pressure boutons on the shoulders

Opening on the front left side

Fastening system inside the abaya (laces)

Width 1m75

Washing 40 degrees

Weight 1,100 g


Amirah is a farashaa butterfly cut bicolour abaya in Nidha fabric.

The superior quality of this fabric, fluid and light, can be wear on all seasons.

She will bring you grace, elegance and modesty.

This model will give you this exceptional side.

Pressure boutons on the shoulders, the abaya is completely open on the front left side, there is a fastening system inside the abaya to avoid opening.

The Abaya Amirah is the piece you need.

(compatible with breastfeeding)

Size guide:

  • Size 1 (137cm) = from 1m55 to 1m62.
  • Size 2 (144cm) = from 1m63 to 1m69.
  • Size 3 (150cm) = from 1m70 to 1m76.
  • Size 4 (157cm) = from 1m77 to 1m82.


Weight 1.100 kg

137cm, 144cm, 150cm, 157cm


Beige white, Burgundy black, Grey and Black, Purple lavande


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